Chrome MySQL Admin

This is a powerful Chrome app to manage your MySQL.

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ChromeMyAdmin provides you the administration GUI of MySQL server. It is like phpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro.

Run anywhere

Chrome MySQL Admin is a Chrome app. Therefore, Chrome MySQL Admin can be launched on OS which Chrome Web browser can be installed. For example, Linux OS, Microsoft Windows, macosx and Chrome OS.

Connect with plain/TLS

Chrome MySQL Admin application can connect to your MySQL server directly. In addition, TLS can be used at connecting to it for security.

Look in Table or View

You can look rows in a table quickly by clicking the table name. The rows can be filtered by specifying some condition. Also, when each column header is clicked, rows will be sorted.

Insert and update Row

If you want to update a row, do double-click the row soon. Then, a dialog to edit each value will be opened. Not only fill in the concrete value, but also can fill in some expression (ex. now() function).

Confirm Table structure

You will want to confirm a structure of your table many times. When the "Structure" tab clicked, you can know the column definitions and existing indexes.Of course, you can add, edit and delete them on the panel.

Query editor

Chrome MySQL Admin provides a Query editor. The Query editor has an auto-completion feature. Also, Chrome MySQL Admin keeps executed queries as history. Of course, the history will be shared in your Google account.

View processes

If you are in charge of the management for MySQL server, a process list page will be convenient for you. The list is updated automatically.

How to install

You can install Chrome MySQL Admin app with a few step.

1. Visit Chrome WebStore

Open the "ChromeMyAdmin" WebStore page.

2. Click "+ FREE" button

Then, Chrome WebStore requests some agreements for some permissions. If you allow them, click "Add" button.

3. Launch Chrome MySQL Admin

After the installation, you will be able to find the MyAdmin icon in the Chrome apps launcher. Click it now!

Get involved

If you find a bug in the Chrome MySQL Admin app, check the Issue Tracker to see if the bug has been reported already.

Or, if you are software developer, you can send your pull request for fixing some bug and/or adding new features, because Chrome MySQL Admin is open-source product.

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