Remap Organizations feature has been released

Keyboard owners were able to register and publish their keyboards with their individual name using GitHub accounts to the Remap. However, there are many keyboards provided by non-individual, that is a group including a corporation, a keyboard shop, a keyboard maker or a developer community as well.

We’re happy to announce a new feature called “Organizations” to register keyboards with such a group name (it is called “Organization” in Remap).

For example, the “Helix rev3 5rows” keyboard has been published by “Yushakobo (遊舎工房)” organization name registered using the Organizations feature.

Helix rev3 5rows - Remap

The Organizations feature is not a showy feature, but an author name of each registered keyboard is very important, therefore we thought that the Organizations feature is strongly necessary.

To register a keyboard with an organization name using the Organizations feature, it is necessary that the author of the keyboard is the organization, or the organization has a right of the same level (that is, the organization does not violate the rights that the original keyboard’s author has). For example, if some keyboard is selled by one keyboard shop registered as an organization in Remap, but the original author of the keyboard does not allow about “the keyboard is published in Remap with the keyboard shop’s name”, Remap team may reject the request for review of the keyboard registration because of the violation of the right.

If you want to register an organization to the Remap, please visit to the following page:

Remap Organizations

There is a link to the Google Forms in the page above. Please fill in each item and submit it.

In addition, we’ve updated the Remap Terms of Use and the Remap Review Policy because of supporting the Organizations feature.

We have some new ideas to make it more convenient by extending the Organizations feature in the near future. Stay tuned!





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